Faculty and Staff

Paul L. Anderson, Professor
B.S., 1976, M.S., 1979, Ph.D., 1989, Colorado School of Mines. Appointed 1990.
Research Areas: probability and statistics; time-series analysis
e-mail: panderson@albion.edu Phone: 517-629-0304
Office: 250 Palenske Hall


Mark E. Bollman, Associate Professor and Chair
B.A., 1986, Northwestern University; M.A., 1988, University of Michigan; Ph.D., 2001, Central Michigan University. Appointed 1999.
Research Areas: Combinatorial number theory, mathematics education, mathematics history
Phone: 517-629-0261
Office: 226 Palenske Hall
e-mail: mbollman@albion.edu


Nadiya (Potsepun) Fink, Assistant Professor
B.S. in Mathematics, 1998, Dnipropetrovsk University; M.A. in Mathematics, 2001, Dnipropetrovsk University; M.A. in Mathematical Statistics, 2007, Wayne State University; Ph.D. in Mathematics, 2007, Wayne State University; Appointed 2007.
Phone: 517-629-0200
Office: 228 Palenske Hall
e-mail: npotsepun@albion.edu


Darren E. Mason, Associate Professor
B.S., 1991, Ph.D., 1996, University of Minnesota. Appointed 2001.
Research Areas: Variational calculus; continuum mechanics; modeling damage nucleation/propagation in metals, intermetallics and other engineering materials.
Phone: 517-629-0826
Office: 224 Palenske Hall
e-mail: dmason@albion.edu


Jackie Masternak, Secretary
Phone: 517-629-0361
Office: 154 Putnam Hall
e-mail: jmasternak@albion.edu


Karla R. McCavit, Instructor and Director of the Quantitative Skills Center
B.S., 1993, Adrian College; M.S., 1995, Michigan State University. Appointed 1995.
Phone: 517-629-0824
Office: 230 Palenske Hall and 203 Mudd (QSC)
e-mail: kmccavit@albion.edu


David A. Reimann, Associate Professor
B.S., 1986, University of Toledo; M.A., 1990, Wayne State University; Ph.D., 1998, Wayne State University. Appointed 1996.
Research Areas: Medical Imaging; Parallel Computing.
Phone: 517-629-0426
Office: 252 Putnam Hall
e-mail: dreimann@albion.edu



Emeriti Faculty

Ronald C. Fryxell
B.A., 1960, Augustana College; M.A., 1962, Ph.D., 1964, Washington State University. Appointed 1964.
Phone: 517-629-0287
Office: 236 Palenske Hall
e-mail: rfryxell@albion.edu


Robert A. Messer
B.S., 1971, University of Chicago; Ph.D., 1975, University of Wisconsin. Appointed 1981.
Areas of Interest: Author of Topology Now! in collaboration with Phil Straffin, Beloit College, a textbook with a geometric approach to topology; Change ringing, English and American traditional dance forms.
Phone: 517-629-0826
Office: 228 Palenske Hall
e-mail: ram@albion.edu
Keith Moore
B.S., 1947, Southwestern College;  M.A., 1948, Ph.D., 1951, University of Kansas.  Appointed 1952.


Martha R. O'Kennon
B.A., 1961, University of Richmond; M.S. in mathematics, 1970, M.S. in computer engineering, 1981, Ph.D., 1973, Clarkson University. Appointed 1985.
Research Areas: Machine translation of natural languages - try it!
Phone: 517-629-0300
Office: 232 Palenske Hall
e-mail: mokennon@albion.edu


John A. Wenzel
B.A., 1963, Carleton College; M.A., 1965, Ph.D., 1969, University of Kansas. Appointed 1969.
e-mail: jwenzel@albion.edu


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