Mathematics Major Requirements

All majors are required to complete successfully the common foundation courses, comprised of the five mathematics courses and one computer science cognate, The department may waive one or more of the foundation course requirements for students with advanced high school mathematics preparation. While a student may begin with Mathematics 125 and still complete a major, it is recommended that prospective majors take a similar course in high school if at all possible.

Students elect upper level courses based on their interest areas. There are three options for students interested in a mathematics major

No course to be counted toward a major in the department may be taken on a credit/no credit basis.

Students majoring in Mathematics are expected to attend all departmental colloquia.

Students majoring in Mathematics are expected to furnish the department with information about their course work and activities related to the department. The department will use this information when nominating students for awards, scholarships, and membership in professional societies, and as the basis for letters of recommendation. Students are encouraged to include this information on their personal Web pages or to develop a portfolio Web page for activities realted to their major.

Track I: Pure

The first track leads toward graduate work in the mathematical sciences. In addition to the foundation requirements, students must take

Students planning graduate work in mathematics should also take as many other 300-level mathematics courses as their schedule allows as well as course work in French, German, or Russian.

Track II: Applied

The second track leads toward immediate employment or further study in applied mathematics or a related area. In addition to the foundation requirements, students must take

Students in this track should also take advanced course work in an area of application.

Track III: Elementary or Secondary Education Certification

Students interested in teacher certification should elect this option. In addition to the foundation requirements, students must take

Students must complete all requirements established by the Education Department for teacher certification with one exception: Math 104, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers may be omitted.

See the registrar's page for for a printable page of academic information.

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