Mark Bollman
Professor and Chair
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Albion College

Albion, MI 49224

Office: Palenske 226
Phone: (517) 629-0261

--One person's (frighteningly accurate) image of me as a South Park character.  Create your own South Park images here.


Who I am... I am a Michigan native, professor of mathematics at Albion College with a 02001 Ph.D. in mathematics from Central Michigan University and previous higher education at Northwestern University and The University of Michigan.  My dissertation is in combinatorial and algebraic number theory; I am also interested in mathematics history, mathematical comedy, chaos theory, probability, old (and new) calculators, and really really large numbers.  My book Basic Gambling Mathematics; The Numbers Behind The Neon, was published in June 02014 by CRC Press.  My next book, Mathematics of Keno and Lotteries, will be published in the spring of 02018, also by CRC.

Who I am not... I am none of the following Mark Bollman's (Bollmen?  Whatever.):
    * President of Princeton University's Class of 1947
    * Vice-president of Creative Colors, International
    * Employee of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
    * Fiscal administrator, Washington State Preservice Teacher Education Consortium for Contextual Teaching and Learning


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