Mathematics/Physics Major Requirements

The interdepartmental major in Mathematics/Physics is intended for those students who wish to combine these two areas of study, but do not want to major in one at the expense of the other or be limited by the concentration of courses in two departments necessary for a double major. The student with this major could enter a career in computer science or would be well prepared to enter a program in applied mathematics or mathematical physics.

A student satisfies the minimum requirements by completing all of the following:

  • Physics 167, 168, 241, 242, 325, 336
  • Mathematics 141, 143, 219, 236, 245. The Mathematics and Computer Science Department may waive one or more of these courses for students with advanced high school preparation.
  • Physics 380 or Mathematics 380, Mathematical Physics, athematics/Economics Major Requirements joint offering of the two departments.

The major is not intended to lead to secondary teacher certification and is not open to those who have a major in Mathematics, Computer Science, or Physics. However, a student may combine this major with a certification major in either Mathematics or Physics.

While a student may begin with Mathematics 125 and still complete a major, it is recommended that prospective majors take a similar course in high school if at all possible.

Courses which are required for the Mathematics/Physics Major may not be elected under the credit/no credit option.

Mathematics/physics majors are expected to attend all colloquia of the Mathematics and Physics Departments.

Students majoring in mathematics are expected to furnish the Mathematics and Computer Science Department with information about their course work and activities related to the department. The department will use this information when nominating students for awards, scholarships, and membership in professional societies, and as the basis for letters of recommendation. Students are encouraged to include this information on their personal Web pages or to develop a portfolio Web page for activities realted to their major.

See the registrar's page for for a printable page of academic information.

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