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The Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Albion College includes the disciplines of pure and applied mathematics, computer science, and statistics. The department offers majors and minors in Mathematics and Computer Science. See our links on the left for more details.

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For further information contact:
David Seely, Acting Chair
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Albion College
Albion, Michigan 49224-5013
(517) 629-0361

Mathematics and Imaging

Mathematics is an essential element of imaging in fields as diverse as medicine, computer science, and space exploration, and many other settings as well. Coupled with high speed computation and ingenious engineering, mathematics is permitting us to see further into space and more clearly into our own bodies. That combination of mathematics and technology is also illuminating our view of the world by putting vast libraries of images at our fingertips and by enabling us to visualize overwhelming masses of data. The mandrill pictured above is a classic digital image used to test new algorithms. Visit the 1998 Mathematics Awareness Website for more information.

April is Mathematics Awareness Month. Each year the mathematics community celebrates the importance of mathematics in our lives. The theme for 1998 was "Mathematics and Imaging".

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