Mark Bollman
Professor and Chair
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Albion College

Albion, MI 49224

Office: Palenske 226
Phone: (517) 629-0261

--One person's (frighteningly accurate) image of me as a South Park character.  Create your own South Park images here.


Who I am... I am a Michigan native, professor of mathematics at Albion College with a 02001 Ph.D. in mathematics from Central Michigan University and previous higher education at Northwestern University and The University of Michigan.  My dissertation is in combinatorial and algebraic number theory; I am also interested in mathematics history, mathematical comedy, chaos theory, probability, old (and new) calculators, and really really large numbers.  My book Basic Gambling Mathematics; The Numbers Behind The Neon, was published in June 02014 by CRC Press.  My next book, Mathematics of Keno and Lotteries, was published in April 02018, also by CRC.

Who I am not... I am none of the following Mark Bollman's (Bollmen?  Whatever.):
    * President of Princeton University's Class of 1947
    * Vice-president of Creative Colors, International
    * Employee of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
    * Fiscal administrator, Washington State Preservice Teacher Education Consortium for Contextual Teaching and Learning


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