Mark's Calculator Collection

I've been seriously collecting calculators for a few years now, but my interest in them dates back to my high school days.  In a not-insignificant way, it was my early obsession with calculators that led me into a career in mathematics.

Most of the collection, as it currently sits in my office.  Click here to see a larger (and clearer...) image.   Lots of desktop calculators are scattered elsewhere in my office, on pretty much any flat surface that'll take them.  Seven historically-significant calculators (Sharp EL-8, Texas Instruments Datamath, TI-59, and TI-30, Hewlett-Packard HP-35 and HP-67, and Casio fx-7000) are on display in a hallway showcase in Albion's remodeled science complex.

Click on the links below for details on specific types of calculators.

Early LED Models Four-Function Plus Recent LCD Models
Business Aviation Currency
Educational Scientific Programmable
Graphing Specialty--calculator games and other hybrids
Novus/National Semiconductor The HP Zone Calculated Industries
Other Calculator Links

  Link to a recent (8 September 02003) article in the Jackson (MI) Citizen-Patriot on my collection.  The author calls this "something of an obsession"--she's probably right.


Note: All calculator photographs on this site are my personal work, are not in the public domain, and may not be reproduced on the Web without my advance consent.  (Email me directly if you wish to use these pictures--I am not an unreasonable person and will probably grant permission readily, subject to a few simple common-sense restrictions.  Truth be known, I'll probably be excited that someone actually wants to use them.)


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