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If it's true that any two sites on the Web are at most 19 clicks apart, the challenge now becomes to get that number down.  But with integrity.  So here are some links that are at least tangentially related to my life.


Winter Camp Universe: This is easily the most important link on this site.  Winter Camp is a long-time obsession of mine.  Click here to read my in-meandering-progress novel of Winter Camp, After The Apocalypse (co-written with Winter Camp pioneer Steve Donohue).

One Part Words: A look at what the world might be like if we could use just words with just one part.  (It can be hard to talk that way and not sound like you've just been hit in the head with a rock...)  The roots of this site are in a game from Cold Time Camp (see the link up one) some years back.

The Straight Dope: Gain the wisdom of Cecil Adams, one of the world's top know-it-alls.

Comedy Central Online: My cable TV station of choice.

Mathematically Correct: An alternate view of reform efforts in mathematics education, dedicated (as am I) to the proposition that we can't make math better for students by taking the math out of it.

NTN Communications: Another long-time obsession, this one with trivia in most of its forms.  Click here for a photo of most of the local band of trivia crazies.

The Annotated Dennis Miller: Analysis of his "Monday Night Football" commentary; a joint venture between the good folks at Encyclopedia Britannica and those at ESPN.

The Capitol Steps: Political comedy, if that's not too much of a redundancy.

"Weird Al" Yankovic: First-rate comedy without the complicating influence of politics.


Michael Fumento: Mythbusters 'R Us: Common-sense analysis from the author of The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS and Polluted Science, among others. More common sense on the 'Net, this site is "promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choice".  The above headlines are updated daily.


FoxTrot: One of the best comic strips currently in production.  These show up on my tests and quizzes a lot. has relaunched in a smaller incarnation;  here is a link to cartoonist Bill Amend's Web page.  Some of the stuff from the old FoxTrot site lives on there.

Rockwood: An excellent comic strip found (for now) only on the Internet.  Here, for example, is the latest installment.  (Rockwood is updated three times per week, usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.) 


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