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You have, for reasons best known to yourself, come to the Web page of the Bollman family of southern Michigan.

23 people.

If you don't recognize any of the 23 people in this 13 May 02018 picture, you may well be in the wrong place.

More interesting stuff

The Markives--news, notes, and nonsense from the original Bollmanic resident of area code 517
(Last update: 11 June 02018)
Monday Moanin'--the southern northern branch o' the clan checks in
(Last update: 13 May 02014)
100 Years...100 Movie Quotes--The JFI Version--a few words from #5
Photo Pages
Thanksgiving 02004 June 02005 Ross Open 02005
Oscars 02006 Anniversary 02007 Emily's Birthday 02007
Christmas 02008 Natalie's Birthday 02015

More to follow!

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