Aviation Calculators

Another class of specialized calculators is machines made to automate common aviation calculations.  Several of these were made by Texas Instruments and based on certain TI models, while others are independent designs.


1. Jeppesen Sanderson Avstar: Version 1 built by TI on the TI-35 platform, this does specialized navigation computations.
2. Cessna Sky/Comp: Another derivative of the TI-35.

ASA Pathfinder
: Notable for its large screen.

Navtronic 16, Navtronic 1701: The unusual layout of these calculators includes fourteen LED lights to the right of the keyboard which light up to identify aviation functions.  The BRT-DIM switch dims the display for nighttime flying.  The 1701 is an updated version of the 16.

Navtronic Navigator: SEC continued its presence into the LCD age, although there's a loss in not having those LED indicators.

More from Texas Instruments:
1. Jeppesen Sanderson Avstar: A later version on a TI-35-II box.
2. Jeppesen Sanderson Prostar: An improvement on the Avstar, based on the TI-55-II housing.


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