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One of my calculator-collecting interests/obsessions is special-purpose calculators.  While calculators designed for specialized applications have been made by several manufacturers, Calculated Industries is the current reigning expert (since 01978) in offering calculators preprogrammed for different specific uses.

A lot of the things being done by CI can be accomplished on a standard programmable calculator or on a PC--indeed, the I'net is teeming with downloadable software for many of the applications covered here--but there's something undeniably cool about having a highly specialized machine available for your particular calculating needs.

March 02012 update: It was my great pleasure recently to receive an email from Mark Paulsen, Vice President for Marketing at CI, indicating his approval of this project (and a note pointing out a calculator I'd missed, which is now included on the list below).  It's oddly nice to know that someone at CI HQ has seen this page.

Construction Calculators

Educational Calculators

Electrical Calculators

Financial & Real Estate Calculators

Kitchen Calculators

Measurement Calculators

Miscellaneous Calculators

Projection Calculators

Calculators manufactured by Calculated Industries and licensed to/by other companies

If you have additional information about CI calculators listed or not listed here, please email me.

(Please note: I do not sell CI calculators.  If you're looking to buy a calculator pictured here, the newest models can be
found for sale at the CI Web site:  Other CI retailers are Jubilee Rose and Specialty Calculators.)

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