4-Function Plus Calculators

For purposes of illustration, this page concentrates on Texas Instruments calculators, beginning with the 1000 and 1200 product lines (with a couple of other interesting machines tossed in.).

1. TI-1000.  The foundation of this line.
2. TI-1001.  An early LCD machine dropped into the 1000 sequence.
3. TI-1025.  TI-1000 enhanced with memory.  Unusual green LED display.

1. TI-1050: A slightly rarer member of the 1000 series.
2. TI-1200.
3. Electronic Wizard: Manufactured by TI, this 1200 clone was distributed by Western Auto.

These two calculators were manufactured by TI and sold through True Value hardware stores.  The T-1220 is a TI-1200 clone; the T-1225 duplicates the TI-1250.

1. TI-1250: Full memory and a change sign key.
2. Concept II: This was marketed by TI and looks like a close relative of the 1250.

1. TI-1265: Unusual blue LED display on this one.
2. TI-1270: Orange faceplate was designed to appeal to the educational market.

1. TI-1400.
2. TI-1450.

1. TI-1500: Unique design for TI calculators with chrome borders.
2. TI-1750: The first LCD calculator from TI.
3. TI-1776/Spirit of '76: A 1200-series clone developed to commemorate America's bicentennial.


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