Recent LCD Calculators

A significant part of my collection is made up of calculators of more recent vintage--it's hard to say for sure which ones just yet, but some of these will be among the collectible calculators of the next century.

3 recent models from Texas Instruments, all basically variations on the "four-function solar-powered calculator with memory, square root key, and arithmetic logic":

1. TI ClearCalc
2. TI FunCalc
3. TI HotCalc

4 more in the same vein:
1. TI-1105
2. TI-1706
3. TI-1768 II: This one has a tilting screen.
4. TI-503+

1. TI-1795: A small desktop variation on this continuing theme.
2. TI-1030.
3. TI-1006: Almost identical to the TI-1706.

1. TI-307+: Shown actual size.
2. TI-7000: Also shown actual size, this one was distributed with a "20 Years of TI Calculators" flyer in 01992.
3. TI-309 Nuance: Kind of a calculator in a compact as TI pursues the women's market.
4. TI-1786 (TI CARD): Another one shown actual size, the TI CARD series (five models were produced) was designed to be carried in a wallet.  This one is only about 2 millimeters thick and has a plastic tab installed on the back to fit neatly into a wallet's photo ID section.

TI-701 LOOK (Graffiti): The LOOK series of three calculators used an innovative light pipe to funnel light to the solar cells and run the calculator.

TI Number Beat: This simple calculator was sold in the late 01980's together with the Personal Advisor, a date book with words of advice from "52 famous achievers".

And now the TI-30 series continues, with a few other scientific calculators thrown in:

1. TI-30 STAT.
2. TI-30X.
3. TI-30: This alternate LCD version was made in Italy and appears to have been sold in Europe only.

1. TI-30 SLR.
2. TI-30 Challenger.

1. TI-30 II.
2. TI-50.

1. TI-25 STAT: Still available in some locations.
2. TI-30 SLR+.
3. TI-25: An earlier use of the TI-25 number.

TI-30 Galaxy: The Galaxy series of calculators was marketed by TI in Europe and uses an unusual horizontal format.

TI-37 Galaxy

The slightly later TI-35 line:
1. TI-35.
2. TI-35 II.
3. TI-35X.

1. TI-45 Micro Scientific Printer: Another semi-hybrid of desktop calculators and handhelds, this one provides hard copy output in a compact package.
2. TI-34 II Explorer Plus
: The result of a merger of the TI-34 scientific calculator and the Explorer series of teaching calculators, this one can handle fractions and most scientific calculations.  The European version of the TI-34 II is the TI-40 Collège II below.

TI-5038 Paper-Free Printer: This desktop calculator's right-hand screen mimics a paper tape with a complete record of calculations, input, and results.

European Calculator Section: These three calculators are recent TI products marketed only in Europe.

1. TI-36X II: A new scientific calculator released only in Europe, in 02000.  The instruction manual for this one is written in Dutch.  Has a two-line display and a menu-driven system for things like trig functions and probability calculations.
2. TI-40 Collège II
: Instruction manual in French; this is very similar to the TI-34 II (above) marketed in America.
3. TI-36 eco RS: A "politically correct" calculator, this one uses 100% recycled plastic (hence the "R" in the name) and solar power, and was certified as environmentally friendly in Germany.

Zelco 10732RH: This is an ergonomic calculator designed for right-handers.  The switch at the top right of the keyboard is an additional + key and can be used, for example, to count.
Zelco 10732LH
: Same calculator for left-handers.  Fits nicely into the right hand while the left is used to press keys.

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