Sheet Metal/HVAC Pro

Year of introduction 2004
Function Construction: sheet metal work
Model Number 4090
Power 2 LR-44 batteries
Original Price $53.00
Photo credit Mark Bollman

    The Sheet Metal/HVAC Pro calculator is certainly very highly specialized.  It is licensed to the International Training Institute, a training agency for sheet metal and air conditioning professionals, and intended for the exclusive use of members of the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association.  In addition to a full set of specialized keys for situations as arise in HVAC calculations--including three fan laws--it is preprogrammed with the Pythagorean theorem (x, y, and r keys in the top row).

    The Sheet Metal/HVAC Pro calculator stands out among CI calculators for its algebraic logic.  On this calculator, pressing the keys 2 + 3 5 = yields the correct answer of 17, not the value 25 returned by a calculator with arithmetic logic.

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