Albion College Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium

Title: EY & Data Analytics: Building a Better Working World
Speaker:Aaron Croad and Dennis O'Dowd
Data Consultants - Advisory Services
Ernst & Young
Detroit, MI
Abstract: Analytics now sits at the top of the agenda for many leading organizations as they look for new ways to create a competitive advantage. Although analytics as a business discipline has existed for decades, the explosion of data and new technology has increased the potential and promise for better business decisions informed by analytics. Analytics can be a foundational element of business transformation — challenging conventional wisdom about what we think is true. Analytics can deliver more value when sophisticated techniques are used to discover root causes, analyze micro-segments of the market, transform processes and make better predictions about cause and effect relationships. In this talk, we will provide a brief introduction to data analytics and the analytic tools we use, as well as review how our employer, EY, uses data analytics to build a better working world.
Location: Palenske 227
Time: 3:30 PM

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