Albion College Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium

Title:A Novel Approach to 3D Facial Imaging for Biometric Security
Speaker:Robert McKeon
Graduate Student
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
Abstract:Biometrics have become increasingly important in the field of security as related to national security and securing a person's identity from identity theft. 3D face recognition is one of the many biometric techniques currently researched because each person's face is unique. Many commercially available 3D sensors suitable for face image capture employ passive or texture-assisted stereo imaging or structured illumination with a moving light stripe. These techniques require a stationary subject. We describe an initial design and evaluation of a fixed-stripe, moving object 3D scanner designed for human faces. Our method of acquisition requires the subject to walk through a light screen generated by two laser line projectors. Triangulation and tracking applied to the video sequences captured during subject motion yield a 3D image of the subject's face from multiple images. To demonstrate the accuracy of our initial design, a small-scale facial recognition experiment was executed that showed the faces for this proof of concept are viable for facial recognition.
Location:Palenske 227
Time:3:10 PM

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