Albion College Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium

Title:Decoding Nazi Secrets - Part 2
Speaker:NOVA Video

Abstract:Most historians agree that by enabling Allied commanders to eavesdrop on German plans, Station X shortened the war by 2 or 3 years. Its decoded messages played a vital role in defeating the U-boat menace, cutting off Rommel's supplies in North Africa, and launching the D-Day landings. Now, for the first time on television, a 2-hour NOVA Special tells the full story of Station X, drawing on vivid interviews with many of the colorful geniuses and eccentrics who attacked the Enigma. Wartime survivors recall such vivid episodes as the British capture of the German submarine U-110; one of its officers describes how he saved a book of love poems inscribed to his sweetheart but failed to destroy vital Enigma documents on board. Decoding Nazi Secrets also features meticulous period reenactments shot inside the original buildings at Station X, including recreations of the world's first computing devices that aided codebreakers with their breakthroughs. Station X not only helped reverse the onslaught of the Third Reich, but also laid the groundwork for the invention of the digital computer that continues to transform all our lives.See for the companion website.

One important note: Cayley Rice has an ongoing research project related to codebreaking at Bletchly Park, the subject of this video. She is looking for students who might be interesting in working with her. Please come to the video and talk to her afterwards for more information.
Location:Palenske 227
Time:3:10 PM

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