Albion College Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium

Title:The Importance of Mathematics
Speaker:Timothy Gowers ( virtual )
Professor of Mathematics
University of Cambridge
Fields Medal Recipient

Abstract:The Importance of Mathematics is a lucid, dynamic presentation of the deep and important question of the relevance of mathematics to society, delivered by one of the best mathematicians of the modern age. Timothy Gowers is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambirdge (UK) and a recipient of the prestigious Fields Medal.

Professor Gowers gave the Keynote Address at the historic Millennium Meeting of the Clay Mathematics Institute — the very same meeting at which the Millennium Prize Problems were announced. Gowers spoke about the relevance of mathematics to diverse applications citing examples in computer science, finance, and engineering. His theme underscores the unity of different apparently diverse sub-fields of mathematics. His exposition is exceptionally clear and easy to follow, making mathematics accessible to non-experts.

This lecture is a treasure trove of mathematical intuition and insight into the relationship between mathematics and its applications. Using historical and present-day examples, the speaker makes a convincing argument that mathematics plays a crucial role in the advancement of science.

Gowers is known throughout the world for his proficiency as a speaker, and he leads us on a journey through arithmetic progressions, distributions of primes, and the political implications and real-world applications of mathematics, in a way that promises to delight and inspire experts and non-experts alike.

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Location:Palenske 227

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Professor of Mathematics
University of Cambridge
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