Albion College
Mathematics and Computer Science
Building Better Biological Models
Elizabeth Skubak Wolf

Assistant Professor

Mathematics and Computer Science

Saint Mary's College

Randomness is inherent in many biological processes, from the dynamics of the populations in an ecosystem down to the systems of biochemical reactions occurring within a single cell. Therefore, when trying to analyze these processes, we might consider using a stochastic model — that is, one that includes some form of randomness.

Can stochastic models behave significantly differently from deterministic models? (Yes!) What might a stochastic model look like? How exactly does one use a stochastic model to say anything useful? We'll look at a few biological examples, introduce a particular stochastic model called a Markov chain, and see how, using a tool called Monte Carlo simulation, we can gain some insight into the biological systems we model.
3:30 PM
All are welcome!
Palenske 227
October 22, 2015