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Skolem, Langford, Extended, and Near-Skolem Sequences, Oh My!
Heather Jordon

Associate Editor

Mathematical Reviews

A Skolem sequence of order $t$ is a sequence $2t$ integers such that each integer between 1 and $t$ appears twice and two instances of the integer $k$ are $k$ apart. For example, 5242354311 is a Skolem sequence of order 5. These sequences, and their generalizations, are very interesting from a combinatorial point of view and have many applications. In this talk, we will discuss Skolem sequences and some generalizations: extended, Langford, and near-Skolem sequences. We will also discuss a few applications of these sequences, including integer partitioning and graph decompositions.
3:30 PM
All are welcome!
Palenske 227
November 1, 2012