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Mathematics and Computer Science
Using Integer Programming to Convert Image Files
Taylor Watkins

Albion Mathematics Major

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Albion College

My Colloquium talk involves using binary programming to convert image files to pixel art. I created a model for choosing what values should be used in creating a smaller image based on the larger image. In order to get data for the image I used a program called Gimp to save it in a format that I could use and create a binary value matrix to base my function on. I used the program MPL to minimize the function that I created. Unfortunately I needed to split the problem into 4 problems because when I made the model I needed more variables to convert the image than I had. I took the result matrices and combined them and used the resulting matrix in Mathematica to create an image.
3:10 PM
All are welcome!
Palenske 227
April 28, 2011