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Mathematics and Computer Science
Working with Perl and SQL at OnRoto Fantasy Sports
Geoff Keyes

Albion Computer Science Major

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Albion College

Fantasy sports have been extremely popular among sports fan for many years now, and starting this summer I was lucky enough to get a job with one of these companies. Running a fantasy sports website does not mean manually inputting stats in for each player and calculating each teams results, but instead writing software that will automatically handle all of this. Working at OnRoto Fantasy Sports, I had to learn the computer languages of Perl, C, and SQL to be able to write scripts to improve the website at OnRoto. I will focus on a few projects that I have completed over the past year including the new mobile site that is in the late development stages that I am currently working on.
3:10 PM
All are welcome!
Palenske 227
April 28, 2011