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Mathematics and Computer Science

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Robert Calvert, "Decoding the Enigma"
Through my talk I will talk about the enigma's build, the main people involved in decoding it, and the methods used in decoding it.

Cassie Labadie, "Incorporating Mathematical Museum Exhibits into Classrooms"
How do you make learning math fun? Studies show that learning through traditional means, such as lecture and taking notes, does not make the information the students are gaining commit to memory. We will take a look at the importance of creative pedagogical practices in the classroom, and how you apply these to a math classroom. We will be focusing on different mathematical museums and museum exhibits that can be implemented in the classroom, and how you change both simple and complicated exhibits into fun learning experiences for students in the classroom.

Culver Redd, "Meaningful Play: How Games Can Be Productive In Our Society"
During this past October, I attended a conference at Michigan State University called Meaningful Play. This talk will disseminate my experience of this conference. Meaningful Play was held to display the potential for games to be used to enhance education, general learning, academic study, and many other aspects of our lives, as well as to examine the current state of the industry that creates games for these purposes. The results, ideas, and opinions expressed at this conference are, I believe, extremely valuable to students—particularly those with interest in computer science—as they detail the forefront of a quickly growing aspect of computer science, as well as one possible future for the educational systems of America and the world.

3:10 PM
All are welcome!
Palenske 227
December 2, 2010